Frequently asked questions put to Vicky...

Q: How long in advance should I book you to reserve the time I need you for my wedding day?

 A: We can sometimes take bookings two years in advance for someone's wedding day, to save disappointment please contact us as soon as you can if you would like our services.


Q: What is the difference between normal makeup and airbrush makeup?

 A: I much prefer airbrush makeup over traditional makeup applied with brushes.

1. It has better staying power as it is designed to be used under studio lights and filming

2. It is highly pigmented, a thin layer will give you a beautifully flawless finish while also feeling lightweight on the skin

3. There is no SPF in this liquid foundation, this will really help when you are having professional photos or being filmed for your wedding day as your makeup will give no flash back, which can make you look white

4. This foundation is sprayed on with an airbrush makeup gun to achieve an even coverage

5. Airbrush makeup looks easy to apply but believe me it takes some getting used to, making sure I ask you about your skin and prep your skin in the right way is essential for getting the desired finish and look just right for you.

6. I use a number of different brands as some give more coverage than others, some sit better on mature skin and are more hydrating than others and some are better suited to stay on oily skin longer.

I can achieve a natural, medium or full coverage. 

I can achieve a dewy, light reflecting, satin or matte finish with airbrush makeup.


Q: How long in advance should I book in for my trial makeup session?

 A: I would suggest having your makeup and hair trial anytime from four to six months before your wedding day, booking in advance is advisable.


Q: What days are you available for trials?

 A: Please look at our page INFORMATION-BOOK-TRIAL-DAY on this website, this gives lots of information about bridal trail sessions.


Q: Should I wear any makeup to my trial?

 A: No. If you want to freshen the skin you can exfoliate before you come.


Q: I haven’t decided on a colour scheme yet, does this matter?

 A: It is always a good idea to have chosen your colour scheme, wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses before having your trial session. 


Q: How do you work on a large groups of ladies on a wedding morning needing hair and makeup services?

 A: You will be given a leaflet when you come for your trial session, please show this to your bridal party who are also using our services on your wedding day before hand, this will save us time on the morning of your wedding as those ladies who have allergies will have already contacted me to make me aware, everyone will already know how we work and be aware of useful dos and don'ts hair and makeup wise.

Depending on the size of your bridal party needing our services and timings, you will need 1-4 artists/stylists working on your wedding, this will have been advised when you first booked us. 

If you have a small bridal party, but would just like to start later and have a lie in, or if your venue does not allow access until a certain time, you would need to cover the cost of another artists/stylist to also work on your booking if your booking does not meet the minimum required spend to cover costs for another person working.

We start by bringing all our kit to you and setting up which normally takes about 15 minutes, we have 1-2 high directors seats for applying makeup, a ring light and low seating for hairdressing and a table if needed and a standing mirror.

Being situated near a table is always good and being near natural lighting for makeup is a great help.

If you have a large bridal party please think about this when choosing your location to get ready in, some hotel rooms can be incredibly cramped or houses need furniture moving to accommodate everyone.

If you think the lighting is particularly dark, please let me know in advance, we have a lot of kit to carry and I don't always unload lighting out of my car, unless its a dark morning for example.

• Makeup: we start by preparing everyone's skin, then applying eye makeup, airbrush base makeup, mascara, false lashes and lastly lip products.

We will always ask if anyone has any preferences or dislikes, allergies and skin types, unless the bride has asked for a particular look prior.

Our style is very elegant and normally for bridesmaids we will choose a look which will suit the dress colour and adapt it to suit each individual, this always looks really nice rather than one person having red lips and another peach when everyone is wearing the same colour dress.

• Hair: After having a quick discussion some hair might be curled and put in pin curls to dress out near the end and some hair might be mostly done all at once but just finished at the very end.

We will discuss hair and what styles everyone is wanting to achieve unless the bride has chosen a particular look, this way we know in what order it is best to prepare hair depending on the styles desired.

• Time to be finished for really depends on travel, your photographer and dress which we will have already discussed with you at your trial session as this will effect the time you need your hair and makeup finished for, lace up dresses take longer to put on!


If you have a veil to be placed in your hair, this is put in once your dress is on.


The only thing left to do is get married and enjoy your day!

Q: Will you keep a record of the products you have used or we have agreed on during the trial and hair style I have chosen?

 A: Yes. Once you are happy, we will create a bespoke makeup chart that we will use and take photographic evidence of the look you have chosen for your hair, we will then use these to recreate the same look for you on the day of your wedding.


Q: What if you are booked for another wedding on the day of mine?

 A: Please contact us as sometimes, depending on location, times and the number of people requiring our services we are able to offer our services to two brides on one day.  But if not we have a team of other makeup artists and hair dressers who we can recommend.