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1. Get in touch and request a quote

2. Confirmation of booking our services and then booking your trial session, if its too early at this point to book your trial, please make a note to contact us 7 months prior to your wedding day

3. Your bridal trial session

4. Two weeks before your wedding day:
Please pass this information to give to your bridal party and please make sure all final payments are in hand

5. Night before and wedding day information



Have a look through our website, we try to give as much information about the services we have to offer. Take a look at our gallery, prices, frequently asked questions and the video on our B4 and After page. Facebook and Instagram show all our latest work, please read our Facebook and Google reviews if you get chance, the comments will hopefully give a feel for the service we provide.


Step 1: Get in touch

If you think our services and style are for you, get in touch. Once you have contacted us using the Enquiry Form on our website and provided all the details requested, Vicky can send you an accurate quote (providing we are available for your wedding day). If you would like to have a chat, please include your contact number and Vicky can answer any questions you have, the team can work long hours on clients for weddings and bridal trial bookings, Vicky will contact you as soon as possible, the quickest way to check if your date is available is to ring her on 07872121523.


Step 2: Confirmation

Vicky will then email you a confirmation of booking. This confirms you have booked our services for the time specified on your wedding day. We will ask for a booking fee of £80-260 depending on your booking to secure this for you and by doing so you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, please read them here. Please pay your booking fee within three days to secure your booking.

If you are someone that is incredibly particular about their hair and makeup and you are not sure if you want to do it yourself or book us, please book in for a trial before fully booking, we are not able to reserve your wedding date before a booking fee is paid but we will do our best to book you in for a trial as son as we can as this is the best option in this scenario.


Step 3: Book your trial session, please attend your trial session 4 months prior to your wedding day

It is very important for the bride-to-be to have a trial as this gives us the time to talk about and achieve your desired makeup/hair look in advance, minimising stress on the wedding day, please let us know if anyone else in your bridal party would also like a hair/makeup trial at the same time as attending your bridal trial.

We have a studio in Helsby, Cheshire, which is specially furbished for trial sessions, it provides a nice relaxing space (rather than a busy salon) to put you at ease and allow us to chat about your ideas. If you are just booking for a bridal trial, if your booking requires Vicky and Anna, there will most likely be another bridal trial booked in, this enables Vicky to work on one bride while Anna is with the other and then swap over.

There are no fixed or rigid looks here! We offer a truly bespoke service, which means starting and working around you and your ideas to help achieve your ideal look, we just ask that you be realistic.

Some brides love our work and will literally show us their dress, accessories, colours, flowers and then taking into consideration the time of year they are getting married, venue, brides hair, face shape and colour, we will then suggest a look.

We also understand that hair and makeup is incredibly personal and some brides will have a set idea of what they are looking for.
We strongly advise you to read the TRIAL INFORMATION FORM that will have been emailed to you along with your booking form, this gives you all the information that you need to come to your trial session and be prepared and to then hopefully get the very best out of your trial session. please remember that we suggest you come for your trial 4 months before your big day for good reason, if you need another trial, at least there is then plenty of time and no stress.

Some hair styles being achievable is dependant on the texture of someones hair, thickness, length and colour can also have a big part to play in enhancing the detail in a style.

Clip in hair extensions can really help at times with achieving your desired hair style, there is information on how we can help with hair extensions in your TRIAL INFORMATION FORM.

Makeup wise, looking through the bridal makeup gallery will give you a good indication of Vickys makeup style, having some idea of what you are wanting before coming to your trial is a good idea, looking after your skin and it being at its best is ideal for your makeup to fit well on your skin, the better someones skin, the better your makeup will look.
We dont want to worry you if you suffer from any skin conditions, we just please advise you to be using a good skincare routine that is best for your skins needs and your skin be in the best condition it can be.

If you are incredibly particular about your makeup and want to look exactly the same to how you apply makeup, please be mindful that a makeup artist is never going to apply your makeup in the exact same way you do it. 

In this situation, I would suggest booking to come for a trial before booking your wedding day with us, you can then check first if you are going to be happy not applying your own makeup, in the nicest possible way, most makeup artists would rather you apply your own makeup rather than you trying to give them a lesson on how you apply your makeup, makeup artists can take direction but we all have our own style as we are all artists and our style is unique to us, knowledge of skin, products and techniques are then gained over time and with experience.

We have hair accessories courtesy of Rocks For Frocks to try in the studio

We offer trial sessions Monday to Thursday 9.15am-7.00pm

It is advised on your booking form that trials are weekday trial session, we also advise in our 

Terms and Conditions that trials are conducted Mon-Thursday.

January and February is our busiest time of the year for trials and not weddings, if we have the 

availability to offer trials on Fridays or at a weekend, it is not a given that we are available for 

trials if a wedding is not booked in our diary. Any trials booked need to be very aware

that if we are asked to work on a wedding there is a strong chance that we will need 

to rearrange your trial session.

By booking on a weekday Monday-Thursday trial session with Vicky and Anna, we can accommodate one to one bookings if requested at the time of booking, which normally last 2.5-3 hours, where you are the only bride in our studio. Extra time can be put aside for you if requested in advance, for example if you know you have a few styles in mind to try or have no idea what you are wanting to try, please be aware that extra costs will need to be covered after the allocated time.

We offer very limited trial sessions in April, May, August and over the Christmas period as we will be very busy working on weddings.

Weddings take priority, most Saturdays are booked out for weddings, we also work many Sundays on weddings and events.

If we do need to reluctantly ask you to reschedule your trial session, we will always give two weeks notice if this is due to being booked for a wedding. Please look to our terms and conditions page for our cancellation policy for trial sessions.


Day of your trial session

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes earlier than your allocated time as we often work on weddings or have other clients before trial sessions.

Location for your trial session: 

26 Old Chester Road



If you are booking a trial session for bridal hair and makeup only and wanting to bring someone with you for advise, you are most welcome, if you are wanting to bring more than one person to watch, please let us know when booking as we don't want our studio to feel crowded if their is also another bride having a trial as you would need a private trial for this which is only offered at particular times.

No children under 10 are advised to come to trial sessions unless you are wanting a trial session for a flower girls hair and for her to go after this, bridal trial sessions for hair and makeup can last 2.5-3 hours on a one to one basis which is far too long for a child to wait around for.

As Vicky and Anna can only work on one person at a time, we sometimes have two bridal trials crossing over, unless a private trial has been requested when booking in. Helsby has a coffee shop and many eateries nearby if someone is kindly driving you or you are coming as a group. 

At your trial we will begin with a 10-minute consultation to get a good feel for the bridal style you would like us to create. We take into consideration your dress, colours of the day, your hair, hair accessories, your face shape and features and most importantly what will make you happy and give you confidence.

We will give you a booklet to take away which outlines your timetable for your wedding day, confirm location and final payment requirements and any other information that we need you to be aware of for your big day!


Step 4: Information to give to your bridal party and please making sure all final payments are in hand


HAIR ADVICE PRIOR TO THE DAY (please share this with anyone we are styling hair for)


1. Please remove all makeup, wash hair the night before and blast blow dry unless at your trial session we have advised you to wash your hair on the day. If anyone is having a blow dry only, they can wash their hair in the morning or if anyone knows with their hair type their hair needs washing on the morning that is no problem.

If anyone in your bridal party has very curly or unruly hair and they are not wanting us to work with their natural curl, can they please try to smooth their hair when they dry it the night before with a big paddle brush, it doesn't need to be perfect, this will just help with time if we are needing to tame someones hair before styling in an up, down or half up/half down style.

Please have all hair clean and dry and not straightened when we arrive unless you are having a blow dry only.

Wedding guests, mothers, anyone that is not a bridesmaid, please show us your outfit and any ideas you have for makeup on the morning.

2. If anyone would like us to incorporate and use their own hair extensions when creating a hair style, please bring real hair extensions.


3. Please be realistic about what hair looks can be achieved as PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM can be unrealistic at times, hair length, thickness, colour, texture and someone's hair line all play a big part in a look being achievable or not.

4. If you are a bridesmaid and the bride has not chosen a look for you, please bring a photo of the look you would like to achieve, we can also suggest a look that would work with what you are wearing.

Options for brides:

If your bridal hair is an updo, some brides tend to choose a down style for bridesmaids, it might be the same look for everyone or they might be able to pick a look as long as some hair is down.

If your bridal hair is a down style, some brides pick tend to choose an updo style for the bridesmaids, it might be the same look for everyone or they might be able to pick a look as long as most hair is up.

you might give everyone total free rain but ideally not a style exactly the same as the brides or you might ask everyone to incorporate plaits or twists or you might have hair accessories or flowers to tie everything together should you wish.

Wedding guests, mothers, anyone that is not a bridesmaid, please show us your outfit and any ideas you have for hair on the morning if you have not attended a trial.

5. Please inform us of any special requirement like allergies that we need to take into consideration at least 1 week before the wedding day.

6. Please wear tops that you can easily take of before getting into your dresses that won't disturb your hair and makeup


MAKEUP ADVICE PRIOR TO THE DAY (please share his with anyone we are applying makeup for)


1. Everyone needs to please have clean skin with no makeup on for us to start working.


2. We work in stages so that no one person is ready early, applying skin prep, eye makeup, lastly base and lips


3. I would advise everyone to have lipstick, powder and if anyone's skin tends to get oily, blotting papers are always advisable to remove oil before using a powder.


4. Lash aftercare advice for the day:

    The lashes that will be applied are known as party lashes, they are meant to last that day but if you avoid getting them wet, they can last around 3 days.

    When you want to remove the lashes, baby oil or a very oily eye makeup remover soaked on a cotton pad and sat on your lashes for 5 minutes so that the false lashes are drenched in an 

oily substance and washed with warm water will gently remove them.

    Around 20 different looks can be created, we will talk to you on the day to find the perfect look for you.


5. If anyone needs to have their brows shaped, waxed or plucked before the day, can they please do this as its not part of the makeup application 


6. Please wear tops that you can easily take of before getting into your dresses that won't disturb your hair and makeup


7. Our style is very elegant and normally for bridesmaids we will choose a look which will suit the dress colour, flowers and the vibe of what the bride is wanting, we will adapt the look to suit each individual, this always looks really nice rather than one person having red lips and another peach when everyone is wearing the same or similar colour dress. This will be discussed at the brides trial and will have been tried if a bridesmaid is having a trial or the bride can choose a look, preferably not to be the same as the bride.
Wedding guests, mothers, anyone that is not a bridesmaid, please show us your outfit and any ideas you have for makeup on the morning.


8. Please inform us of any special requirement like allergies that we need to take into consideration at least 1 week before the wedding day.



Your Wedding Day!

The night before


We try to be as organised as possible and will have put a timetable in place that we will discuss with you before the day. If you are staying at a hotel, please text Vicky on 07872121523 the evening before your wedding with your room number, if we are arriving early please make the hotel reception aware of this.

If we are travelling to a house and you are aware that it can be difficult to find or sat navs often have problems and send people to the wrong address, please make us aware of this.

If you are aware of any road works that could delay our journey, please let us know.

Please remove all makeup and follow the hair advise on the above (information to give to your bridal party)


Try to have all the little jobs done the night before, such as taking labels off dresses and shoes, having your underwear, perfume out ready, its the little jobs that can eat time up in that last hour before you need to leave on your wedding day.

If you are ordering food to come, please be mindful that there wont be time for everyone to stop having hair and makeup done and sit and eat full english breakfasts, ordering food that everyone can pick at throughout the morning is always a good idea.


How we work the morning of your wedding:


Things to consider: 

You will be given a leaflet when you come for your trial session to show your bridal party who are also using our services on your wedding day before hand, this will save us time on the morning of your wedding as those ladies who have allergies will have already contacted me to make me aware, everyone will already know how we work and be aware of useful dos and don`ts hair and makeup wise.

Depending on the size of your bridal party needing our services and timings, there will be 1-4 artists/stylists working on your wedding. If you have a small bridal party, but would just like to start later and have a lie in, or if your venue does not allow access until a certain time, you would need to cover the cost of another artists/stylist to also work on your booking if your booking does not meet the minimum required spend to cover costs for another person working.

We start by bringing all our kit to you and setting up which normally takes about 15 minutes, we have 1-2 high directors seats for applying makeup, a ring light and low seating for hairdressing and a table if needed and a standing mirror.

Being situated near a table is always good and being near natural lighting for makeup is a great help.

If you have a large bridal party, please think about this when choosing your location to get ready in, some hotel rooms can be incredibly cramped or houses need furniture moving to accommodate everyone.

If you think the lighting is particularly dark, please let me know in advance, we have a lot of kit to carry and I don't always unload lighting out of my car, unless its a dark morning for example.

• Makeup: we start by preparing everyone's skin, then applying eye makeup, airbrush base makeup, mascara, false lashes and lastly lip products.

We will always ask if anyone has any preferences or dislikes, allergies and skin types, unless the bride has asked for a particular look prior.

• Hair: After having a quick discussion some hair might be curled and put in barrel curls to dress out near the end and some hair might be mostly done all at once but just finished at the very end.

We will discuss hair and what styles everyone is wanting to achieve unless the bride has chosen a particular look, this way we know in what order it is best to prepare hair depending on the styles desired.

• Time to be finished for really depends on travel, your photographer and dress which we will have already discussed with you at your trial session as this will effect the time you need your hair and makeup finished for, lace up dresses take longer to put on!


If you have a veil to be placed in your hair, this is put in once your dress is on unless you have requested to be ready earlier than a hour before you need to leave for your ceremony.


The only thing left to do is get married and enjoy your day, if you have booked us for a VIP evening freshen up or change of look, we will see you later on!

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