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We lend ourselves well to brides looking to book their hair and makeup services through one company, you then have one set of admin to deal with and you can have your hair and makeup trial session at the same time and place, this works well as you can then see your full look come together.


 Hair & Makeup On Your Wedding Day

Please be aware that minimum bookings apply to peak season and popular dates

Bride and 3 other adults 

2023-2024 wedding day £495 + bridal trial £130 = £625

Bride and 4 other adults

2023-2024 wedding day £590 + bridal trial £130 = £720

Bride and 5 other adults

2023-2024 wedding day £685 + bridal trial £130 = £815

Bride and 6 other adults

2023-2024 wedding day £780 + bridal trial £130 = £910

Please note that prices will be less if a short hair blow dry or children's hair or makeup is only required

What's included for the above group hair and makeup bookings:

1. When booking with us, you will be sent a very detailed booking form, trial information form, a copy of our T&C`s and a post-trial information form.

2. You will be advised that coming and having your trial session ideally 4 months before your wedding day would be a good idea, that way if you need a second trial as you want to try more looks, there will be time for this, we also offer help with clip in hair extension if they are needed for the hair style you would like us to create, 

3. Your Bridal hair, makeup and lash trial for 3-3.5 hours at our studio in Frodsham, Cheshire, you will be given skin and hair care advice if needed for the lead up to your wedding. If anyone else in your bridal party would also like a trial in hair, makeup or both, they are welcome to book to come at the same time as you, please be aware that this is an extra cost of hair £38.00 1 hour, makeup and lashes £42.00 1 hour or both £80.00 2 hours. 

We will double check all the details we have for your wedding day at your trial session, we will give you advise for the morning and answer any questions you might have, a copy of your paperwork will be given to you so that you have all the information you need and advise on when to pay your final bill and timetable for the day and any products you might need to purchase to top up with throughout the day.

4. If you need anything in between your trial and wedding day, just contact Vicky.

5. On your wedding day, Vicky and another artist/stylist will be working on your wedding, set up time needed 10 minutes, working in stages so that no one person is ready early unless requested for:

Time needed to complete services for:

Booking of 4 people, roughly 3-3.5 hours 

Booking of 5 people, roughly 3.5-4 hours 

Booking of 6 people, roughly 4.5 hours 

Booking of 7 people, roughly 5 hours 

Times above are a rough estimate, we will always talk to you at your trial, if all 7 ladies for example have long and very thick hair, we might need a little extra time depending on styles requested, we then stay with you a further 30 minutes to help with any finishing touches and securing your veil if you are wearing one.

A non- refundable booking fee of £130 is required.

Travel for 2 artists/stylists from WA6 7BT for a 30 mile round trip is included in the price, parking charges and if a change of location is needed while getting you ready, this would cost extra.

We can accommodate larger groups depending on location and times, please get in touch for more information as this would require us booking another artist/stylist to work with us.

When needing extra artists/stylists to assist Vicky or Vicky and Anna on your wedding booking:

Vicky works as the lead makeup artist and applies makeup for the bride on every wedding we are booked for, either Vicky or Anna style our brides hair.

Its only ever Vicky or Anna who style our brides, when needing to book 3-4 artist's/stylists through us to work on your wedding party, Vicky would then oversee everything on your wedding day and organise everything with the others working.

Extra charges will apply when extra artists/stylists are required to work on your booking because of the number of people requiring our services, time restrictions due to your venue or if you are simply wanting us to start later or if a change of location is required.

Extra charges would apply:

If parking is chargeable and or if mileage is more than stated as included in the price from WA6 7BT.

If you and your bridal party need to be ready particularly early and you would rather us hire another artist than you having an early start, if your booking does not warrant us paying another artist extra, charges to you, the Bride would apply.

Please be aware that extra charges always apply if a change of location is needed while we are working on your wedding, this is often needed if your chosen wedding venue does not allow you access until a certain time, meaning that you need to start getting ready in another location. Charges would depend on distance between the two locations, even with a very short distance, we need to set up and pack away twice and extra time needs to be allocated for this.

We charge £35.00 extra per artist/stylist needed on Bank Holidays.

Booking fee towards your wedding day:

We require a £80-£230 non-refundable booking fee to secure your wedding date, depending on how many artists your booking requires, this is then deducted from your final bill for your wedding day. Trial sessions are extra and do not count towards this.

Please read our terms and conditions page before booking with us, we advise having your trial session at least 4 months before your wedding as cancellation of services within 4 months of your wedding date would mean that the total amount owed on your booking form is still due to be paid to us. It is very unlikely that we would get booked on another wedding in that time frame if our services were no longer required.

Making sure your day runs smoothly:

A detailed information brochure will be given to you before your wedding day to please share with all the members of your bridal party who are using our services, the reason for this is to make sure your morning runs smoothly and everyone knows how we will work on the morning of your wedding day.

This gives advice on when to wash your hair, false lashes aftercare advice and useful tips for the day.

Please notify us of any allergies at least 1 week before your wedding day.

Please also make your bridal party aware of timings and when they need to please be available, we are not always ready at the exact time we ask someone to be available as so many factors influence times, we will just be doing our very best for you all.

Hair & Makeup On Your Wedding Day
Price Breakdown

Bride: A trial session must have been conducted before your wedding day

Weddings in 2023-2024 £210 

Includes: Creative hair styling, airbrush makeup application, party lashes, placing head piece and or veil in hair, using hair extensions if required (you need to purchase these before the day) travel to a certain distance, admin, bringing a mini salon experience to you, organising arrangements for your day and giving advice and us reserving your date for you beforehand, sometimes 2 years in advance. Cutting of hair is not included.

Individual members of the bridal party:

Weddings in 2023-2024 £95

Includes: Creative hair styling up, down, half up/half down, braids and fitting clip-in hair extension if required (you need to purchase these before the day) headpiece, fascinator, hat or flowers, airbrush makeup application and party lashes. Cutting of hair is not included.

(if a short hair blow dry is required, this would lower the overall price, please advise of this when booking us, price would depend on length and thickness of hair)

Tattoo cover or body camouflage - From £15 

Flower girls and junior bridesmaids:

Junior bridesmaid natural makeup application aged 10-13 years (not including lashes or airbrush makeup) £25.00

Flower girl aged 11 years or under eye shimmer, blush and lip gloss free of charge

Junior bridesmaids creative hair styling 11-13 £35.00

Flower girls creative hair styling 7-10 years from £30.00 depending on hair and style required

Flower girls creative hair styling 6 years and under from £20 depending on hair and style required

(please thoroughly check children's hair for head lice a few days before your wedding, we cannot style hair that is infected with head lice, as time will have been put aside, charges will still apply)

Hair & Makeup Trial Sessions

All trail sessions are conducted from our studio in Frodsham, Cheshire Monday - Thursday 8.45am-7.30pm when we are not working on weddings. 

We advise that you have a trial session at least four months before your wedding day, that way if you change your mind on anything and require another trial, we can accommodate this. ​

Bridal trial sessions are only conducted by Vicky, Anna will at times help on bridal hair trials and other members of your bridal party, other team members may assist on members of your bridal party also.

A detailed email will be sent to you 2 weeks prior to attending your trial session, this will ask for photos of your hair and the hairstyle you would like created. By knowing this before you attend your session, we can advise you if we think you will need clip-in hair extensions depending on the hairstyle you would like creating and your own hairs thickness, length etc. 

These can be ordered through us depending on your hair and if enough notice is given prior to your trial session.

Party lashes are included with your makeup application, we can create about 20 different looks depending on your individual eye shape and desired look. Lashes are designed to last the day and can be easily removed with baby oil or oily eye makeup remover.

Bridal hair and makeup trial session for 3-3.5 hours includes:

2023-2024 Weddings: £130

Includes: Consultation, creative hair styling, airbrush makeup application, party lashes, run through of wedding day timetable and final arrangements.

One person is welcome to come and watch. 

If after 3.5 hours you want to continue to try more looks, we would charge an additional £10 for every 30 minutes thereafter if we have availability, if you know prior to coming for your trial session that you would like to try a number of looks and styles, please let us know when booking your trial session.

Cutting of hair is not included.

Individual members of the bridal party who wish to have a trial at the same time as the bride for 2 hours

2023 & 2024 Weddings: £80

Includes: Consultation, creative hair styling, airbrush makeup application and party lashes.


Weekend hair and makeup trial sessions: 

If we can accommodate a weekend trial session and this very much depends on availability, its normally only January.

Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial Session £155.00 3-3.5 hours

Individual members of the bridal party hair and makeup trial session who wish to have a trial at the same time as the bride £90 2 hours                                    (short blow dry's would cost less)

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